Major Triggers and Reasons for Hair Loss

About tens of millions of people especially men are suffering from baldness without being fully aware of the reason behind it. A dermatologist Dr. Shani Francis, who is known for her specialization in hair loss, has also lost more than 75% of her own hair due to the repeated usage of harsh chemicals. She was in a trauma and after gaining her hair health back to normal, she began working for other suffering humanity who are going through the same condition.

We are about to uncover some myths and facts that could lead to hair loss and people are not even noticing such things.

Medications and illness

Certain medications are responsible for hair loss which includes the chemotherapy used for the treatment of cancers in which hair loss occurred as a side effect of those medications. In some cases, medicines are not responsible for hair loss instead it resulted due to an underlying health condition such as abrupt weight loss, surgery, severe illness, etc. these conditions trigger a temporary hair loss and this condition is known as telogen effluvium (TE).

Sun exposure

The longer sun exposures are the source of UV radiations which degrades proteins and results in the loss of hair. This sun exposure is very harmful that it could lead to a permanent hair loss. The damaged proteins are then unable to regrow hair if the hair follicles are deeply damaged. Therefore, the hair scalp must be protected from the sun.

Wearing a hat or cap

Covering the hair using a hat, cap or scarfs, etc. is not responsible for hair loss as long as the scalp is healthy. It is recommended to take care of the hair scalp hygiene so that the hair will stay stronger even after covering it.


A diet that is lower in Vitamin D can be a possible trigger of hair loss. People who eat food that lack iron as well as who are anemic are the ones who suffer hair loss more as compared to others. Therefore, it is essential to take proper diet which contains the right amount of nutrients.


Styling hair is good but when super-tight hairstyles are done every day that it will lead to another type of hair loss known as traction alopecia. The chemical products, hair straightening iron or curlers are the major sources of damaging hair. But as long as the hair follicles are healthy, the hair will regrow again.


Telogen effluvium (TE) is also triggered by extreme stressful condition. Stress is so dangerous that it is also responsible for triggering an autoimmune disease called alopecia. In this condition, the hair falls out in the form of patches and leaves small patches of baldness all over the head. The stress which we are talking about is not the milder ones like traffic or crowd places but in fact, it includes the loss of a loved one or financial crisis, etc.


Current studies are not suggesting hair loss due to smoking but they are indicating deterioration of the skin. Further studies are required because it is indicated that smoking might be another reason for hair loss among the above-explained triggers.

By Emily Byrne, Health Specialist

Emily is someone who is a lot passionate about her work. Being a health specialist, she has worked for several healthcare units in this country. She is more interested in self-devoting her whole life to the field of medical and to benefit humans. To make her dream true, she started working for non-profit organizations along with her duty as a healthcare specialist at a renowned hospital in New York. She believed that a number of people are unaware of the basic healthcare facts that are considered essential for healthy life. Therefore, she joined The Health Doctor and poured her precious knowledge and advice for everyone.