Hypertension – The Most Prevalent Silent Killer In The US

People can become hypertensive without knowing up to some time because of having no signs and symptoms. Approximately half of the Americans are suffering from this disease and the numbers are increasing because of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. There is a great impact of lifestyle choices on a person’s health. Hypertension could be genetic but it is triggered by a lot of reasons that are usually unknown to people.

According to the American Heart Association, blood pressure is defined as the force that blood exerts on your blood vessels during its flow. It is measured by a systolic pressure and a diastolic pressure. When the heartbeats, a pressure is generated inside the arteries is considered as systolic while when the heart is at resting condition between beats, the pressure measured in the arteries is called diastolic.

The average normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg. Whenever the reading goes below 90/60 mmHg then it is considered low blood pressure which could be indicated by dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, fainting, rapid shallow breathing, cold pale skin, fatigue and lack of concentration etc. when a blood pressure levels in over 130/80 mmHg then it is said to be high blood pressure or hypertension. In this condition, people will experience chest pain, loss of vision, heart failure, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, sexual dysfunction, and peripheral artery disease, etc.

To manage hypertension, a combination of medications with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle is very important. You have to maintain your body weight within the appropriate BMI range. A low salt diet with proper management of stress is also of great importance for lowering high blood pressure. Stress hormones are responsible for raising the blood pressure, therefore, it is equally essential to maintain a peaceful environment around you. A regular yoga time could be beneficial in lowering the blood pressure so that it will provide you peace of mind.

A well maintains blood pressure could be achieved within a month or it may take up to 3 months. The anti-hypertensive medications are so effective that it starts working on the same day and you will feel better right from the very first dose. But achieving a normal blood pressure could be challenging for a lot of people due to co-morbidities and unhealthy lifestyle. So the progress could vary from person to person and t requires a lot of struggle and hard work. Aspirin could lower the blood pressure but it is not recommended to take on a daily basis. According to the American Heart Association, aspirin is prescribed to patients who have a history of stroke or heart attack.

Lowering water intake is not the right way to lower blood pressure because staying well-hydrated is essentially important to keep the blood flow smooth and it also allows an easy pumping enabling a healthy heart.

To lead a healthy life, it is significant to analyze every slight change in the body and regular checkups from family physicians are also highly recommended.

By Teresa Hill, Editor

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