Privacy Policy

We believe that it is our duty to secure the privacy of our visitors. Therefore, to maintain the security of the visitors to our website, we have made several steps to establish the privacy policy of this website. The website privacy policy or other additional policy explained below are explaining how we collect information and uses it. The protection of user data is essentially important. How we treat and discloses user information is all discussed below in detail.

Information Collection

Following are the details of all sort of information that we collect from our users:

Personally identifiable information

This website collects user information in a number of ways. The users may visit our website and make an account to access information by providing their personal details including name, email address, mailing address, etc. This is an entirely optional way to access our website. A user can visit our website and seek information without making the user account and hence, no details are needed to be provided in such case. In this way, an anonymous user is unable to use a number of features and articles on the website.

Non-personally identifiable information

At the various occasion, the internet enables others to collect some non-personal information of the users. This kind of information is solely not related to any personal details of the visitors. The non-personal identification information includes the details of browser, type of computer, other technical data of the users’ connections, etc. it also includes the details of the operating system as well as the internet service providers. This information is used to troubleshoot technical as well as connection problems that occur while using the internet especially accessing our website. The non-personal identification information is never used in a manner that can cause harm or damage to the users anyway.


The use of adding web browser cookies can be observed on almost every website nowadays. These cookies are placed on the website to simply enhance the user experience. We have also placed web browser cookies on this website. Cookies enable us to recognize a repeat visitor on the website. Due to this, we would like to discuss its reason with our users. Web browser cookies are added to record and track user information. This feature also provides access to enjoy the website fully functional. A user is also allowed to stop these cookies while surfing website but doing so will limit the number of website functions.

Using collected information

The information collected from the users that have been explained above in detail is used in a number of purposes which have been listed as follows:

  • To maintain proper running and operation of the website
  • To display the content on the website
  • To make sure appropriate customer service operation
  • To allow resourceful communication with others
  • To enhance the user experience
  • To personalize the user experience suitably

Protecting your information

To avoid spilling our user information in the wrong hands, we have made some strategies and adopted techniques to guarantee the safety of information.  Above all, we deeply value our readers’ privacy and as a result, we are striving hard to enhance our methods and strategies of collecting data as well as protecting them. The personal information may include username, password, transaction information, etc which is usually at high risk. To minimize any occurrence of unauthorized access, alteration, damage to stored data on our website; we are using special techniques of data collection and storage.

Sharing personal data

When it comes to keeping the strict privacy policy, this website does not allow any personal information of our users to be shared with third-party sources. The users’ information is safe and never sold or displayed to anyone in any manner. The individual personal data is completely safe but some of the general details such as overall ranking, trends, ratings, patterns are visible to trusted partners, businesses and companies.

Third party websites

We have limited to completely no control over the links, pop-ups, and advertisements of our trusted partners, sponsors, and similar third parties. This content is generated by Google Adsense therefore; it will appear on the website along with articles. These links and pop-ups will change from time to time depending on their owners’ choice. All of such content has its own privacy policy that is different from this website. Users may go to these links by clicking them at their own risk. Hence a user must be aware of this fact that the original website’s privacy policy will no longer apply to these third party websites and links.


On this site, you will be seeing some advertisements which have been operated through various trusted partners including Google.  The cookies along with these ads have been added to enhance your experience of using the site. It just requires non-personal information to update their ad server so that whenever an ad has been shown to you more than once, recognition is easily possible. The main purpose of this feature is to provide all the suitable and relevant ads to the targeted users.

Google Adsense

Besides other advertisements, there are another set of ads which are usually operated through Google Adsense. These ads are different from other ads by the usage of personally identifiable information of the user. This does not go further into the users’ personal information but uses their names, email addresses, and residential addresses, etc. The users are allowed to choose whether they want to see these kinds of ads or not.

Changing privacy policy

This site reserves all the rights to update or change this privacy policy at any time without prior notification or informing the users. Therefore, it is mandatory for the users to check the privacy policy every now and then so that they will be able to update themselves with all the new information, updates or change. By agreeing to the privacy policy, you are also agreeing to read and check the privacy policy regularly.

Your approval of terms

It is essential that you agree to the above-mentioned rules of the privacy policy of this site before using or accessing its future. Reading or utilizing the information on this site must be in accordance with our privacy policy. You are also agreeing to check the privacy policy on a regular basis to get yourself informed with any kind of change or update.

Contacting us

If you have queries, questions or other concerns regarding this privacy policy, you can feel free to contact us any time.