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Nerve Renew Review:

Doctors suggest that a healthy body’s nerves do not burn, feel like pins and needles, go numb, lose sensation or make you lose your balance. Though people who have diabetes indeed suffer from many things, and among those is the daunting task of having to maintain a balanced diet and a sugar-free life. Due to these diseases, people have become dependent on pills and medicines which are not always efficient in providing results

If you wish to incorporate a natural solution in life, without having to heavily dependent on pills and expensive medicines, Nerve Renew is the right product for you.

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It is the nerve supplement that contains the most powerful and clinically proven forms of B vitamins, Stabilized R Alpha-lipoic Acid, Anti-oxidants, and herbal extracts. Moreover, the ingredients used in this product are clinically proven to be able to reduce neuropathy pain.

Moreover, it has greater bioavailability. Interestingly Vitamin B is the key element of Nerve Renew, but various competitors claim this as well. Many Neuropathy supplements contain the common form of vitamin B1 which is Thiamine. The human body cannot absorb thiamine properly hence, the human body does not get proper nutrients. They use in this product vitamin B1, but of a different form which is called benfotiamine. A study conducted in the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology therapy found that bioavailability of benfotiamine is 3.6x times greater than thiamine hydrochloride. This suggests that this supplement gives its taker’s vitamin B delivered to the cells. Benfotiamine increases Thiamine Pyrophosphate (TTP) which produces beneficial effects on nerve health, neuropathy, retinopathy, and coronary health for diabetics and non-diabetics. Also, it contains another potent B vitamin, b12 OR methylcobalamin. It is absorbed and used more efficiently than cyanocobalamin, the more common form of vitamin B12 found in most supplements. Studies also suggest that this increases protein synthesis and helps generate nerves. Scientists state that ultra-high doses of methylcobalamin have been shown in clinical studies to produce nerve regeneration. Moreover, 100% Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) can lead to a significant reduction of nerve pain. It is a potent antioxidant that is both fat and water-soluble, which improves the function of cell “transporters” that carry and distribute glucose. Moreover, it is the only antioxidant that has the unique ability to regenerate its self and other antioxidants.

Researcher L.Androne claimed that antioxidant therapy along with r-alpha-lipoic acid improves and prevents diabetic neuropathy. Moreover, another scientist stated that oral treatment with R-Alpha Lipoic Acid for 5 weeks improves neuropathic symptoms.

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What does Nerve Renew include?

If you wish to buy individual ingredients from a health food store, for a 30 day supply, you will be spending 50$ on Benfotiamine, 23$ on Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and much more on other ingredients. All this adds up to 123.01$ for all the ingredients of this phenomenal product.

Customers are given 3 options if they wish to incorporate Nerve Renew in their lives. The three options are as followed:

  • 1 Month Supply (Good Value) for 69$
  • 3 Month Supply of this product. (Discounted plus great value) for not 207$ but 147$.
  • Free 2 Week Trial (Best Value).

Moreover, it is offering a 1 year 100% money-back Guarantee. They claim that if the customers feel like they are not getting their desired goals with the use of this product they will get their 100% money back on their recent purchase.

How Nerve Review Changes the lives of its customers (Example)? 

Michael, who worked as a structural engineer, but retired as a result of his nerve pain. He was later diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and endured peripheral neuropathy for nearly 10 years. As Neuropathy is commonly brought by diabetes, Michael faced it way earlier. Doctors told him that he will have to live with his condition for all the rest of his remaining life. Michael looked into other alternates online and there he found many ways through which people got relief. Many people got shots of vitamin B, others were using hot/cold pads, but these ways were not long-lasting. This condition is treated medically with anti-depressants, anti-convulsants, and steroid and cortisone injections.

Moreover, sometimes it was treated with non-medicinal treatments such as electrical stimulation. Finally, Michael found a doctor who treated his neuropathy with vitamin B and Alpha Lipoic Acid shots. His Doctor suggested that he gets good vitamin B supplement with high concentrations of Vitamin B-1, B-12 and Alpha lipoicAcid. But for Michael, it was time-consuming and costly as it was costing him 100$ a month. He later found Nerve Renew. It contains significant forms of B Vitamins Stabilized R alpha-lipoic Acid, anti-oxidants and herbal extracts. All these ingredients have reduced neuropathy pain and discomfort.

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If you buy all the ingredients and wish to try them you would have to spend $123 and take at least 9 capsules per day. You will be sent a free 2 week supply and you will be enrolled in their “preferred Customer Program”. For this, you just have to pay $6.97 for shipping charges. This means its free trial supply for two weeks will be given to you and you will get a $20 discount on all your future bottles of these supplements. You will be receiving a fresh bottle every 30 days, and your credit card will be billed the price given to “preferred members” which is 49$. You can also order a single bottle on a regular price of $69 or a discounted 3 month supply without signing up for their “Preferred customer program”.


Nerve Renew is the ultimate supplement which helps in reducing symptoms of neuropathy. The natural ingredients will help your body in getting rid of the discomfort and pain of nerves. Like Michael and many users, you can also incorporate this product and live a healthy and natural life.

The choice is yours to make! Make a healthy one because your nerves should be renewed!

By Alicia Lee, Nutrition Specialist

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