Use of Cookies

This website uses a cookie to enhance the user experience. Cookies area small tool that is added on the websites to provide the users relevant ads just by recognizing their influence of internet usage. Users’ names, email as well as postal addresses have been noted by these cookies and by the help of this recognition could be easily possible. For accessing our website, you are also agreeing to the rules and regulations of our cookie policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies can be defined as small packets of data that act as unique identifiers of users on a website. This small packet of data consists of text files which allow a website to remember how you used or interacted with it. They are sent by web servers to web browsers, every time a browser requests a page from the web server. These are available when using a personal computer as well as a mobile device.

Cookies can be used to detect the website being used by the user; or information relating to the user that is on the website. They too can be of various types but persistent or session cookies are the two main ones.

Cookies on this website

The following two kinds of cookies have been added to our website that extracts user information:

  • Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are mainly a text file that is sent by a web server to the browser and remains valid until the date of deletion. It can be deleted by the user prior to that date as well.

  • Session cookies

A session cookie is one that expires as soon as the browser session is terminated.

How we use them?

It is vital to realize that cookies do not track any form of data that is personal to the user or may distinguish them. The information gathered is entirely basic and imperative for the proper functioning of the website.

The cookies used on the website include those which are strictly necessary cookies for access and navigation through the website. This also includes cookies that track usage which is also known as performance cookies, store user choices or commonly called functionality cookies, and ones that provide certain targeted advertisements to the users while accessing the site.

Cookies may be used for the following purposes on this website:

  • To identify and recognize the computer on which the user is accessing the website
  • To improve the personalization of the user on the website
  • To enhance the experience of the users
  • To better administrate the website
  • To provide interesting targeted advertisements that will be shown according to the user’s interests

Third party cookies

In addition to the facts, we provide in this Cookie Policy there are third party cookies too. While all the information mentioned above covers how our website uses cookies, users may also interact with some third-party cookies on this website.

Advertisers usually place their ads on websites and for that, they may sometimes use cookies for various reasons. They are able to access the following information through the use of third-party cookies:

  • To track browser experience across various devices
  • To create an online web surfing profile for the user
  • To ensure that they are able to give a targeted experience for advertisements

How to block cookies?

Cookies may be deleted or blocked entirely if one does not wish to provide any form of data whether impersonal. The settings to do so are different depending on one’s web browser. Deleting cookies or entirely blocking them can lead to unexpected results for the user and cause malfunction in the performance of the website for them. They may stop seeing targeted advertisements, or their saved personal settings on the website may be deleted.